Close your eyes, take deep breath and hold it in for second, then as you exhale, suspend your understanding of science and logic as it has ...

Close your eyes, take deep breath and hold it in for second, then as you exhale, suspend your understanding of science and logic as it has been taught to you all your life. Open your eyes and bare full witness to the “eternal clock work” city that is Kinora. You can pinch yourself to make sure you will not awake from what you call slumber… GO ON! I can assure you that what you as seeing is real, tangible so you can touch it, and will not disappear when you finally decide to blink.

So your first thought is “when does it stop” to answer that question you must analyse the cities flow and rhythm like an examiner of the contemporary dancing arts and a highly qualified engineer or mechanic in their prime combined. You must carry a discerning eye. The word wall is redefined in this city as the walls are ever changing, disconnecting, rotating, sliding and interlocking to suit the purposes of those who may need a large or small rigid surface to stand and sit on, to connect two opposite facing rooms or even rooms above and below, for shelter from suns rays and natures precipitations, to create a private and intimate secret space for maybe one other guest, or giant stadiums, arenas and concert halls that would dwarf an American football field. The walls are the floors and the ceilings if the inhabitants need them be. Buildings in the city range from great monolithic towers to tiny offices meant only for small computers and mechanical appliances. All of the buildings are made of a strange looking metallic material that holds a granite or marble-ish quality to them. Multiple structures are continuously transforming, extending and retracting their extremities, even down to the very foundations they are locked into, utilizing the technology to suddenly create basements and cellars, or sometimes embracing the very opposite, ejecting themselves into mid air only hover over its former cradle without leaving any indication as to how it was previously attached. Although this looks impossible you are forced to believe it, seeing how the energy is never interrupted and city vehicle-izes it self with such precise and controlled movements providing the cities dwellers with a luxurious and care free tour of their surroundings as they glide over and in between obstacles safely to their destinations, can only give one a slight insight into the brilliance of the minds that constructed the city. The Ground is warm and has a dim glow at night just enough to illuminate its surrounding areas softly, and the strange mater, that everything seems to have at its core brings heat, for cooking and comfort and drops its temperature below zero for freezing and preserving goods or keeping your skin cool in the heat of a summers day. People can access this energy with nothing more than touch of the palm to a wall for light or voice command as faint as whisper to lower the rooms humidity, in some cases even a gesture is enough activate the desired compliance or mechanism hidden within the walls. Every movement is timed perfectly and its difficult to see if the citizens lead or follow in this intricate dance. The cities hygiene is unmatched due to its “self caring” nature, garbage is literally non-existent, it is either recycled or instantly incinerated inside the bottom of edged polygonal protrusions that rise and sink in and out of the ground seamlessly. The residents do no manual labour what so ever, they do not even have to cook unless they desire… the city takes care of everything and runs efficiently like clock work. At night the city glistens with strips of light decorating sky scrapers and accommodations as if the were ribbon rapped, indicating where there is a party or performance or sporting event or many other leisurely activities or even just where people are. Since the city successfully provides for its children their whole lives are focused on love, exploring the arts, and discovering the mental possibility to achieve even greater things… the city being its population’s praised and prized possession.